How is the cloud index determined for a location?

To aid on the search for the optimum VM for your needs, we have introduced a Cloud Index score for each of our locations, this score also show you individual benchmark scores for CPU, Storage and Throughput, so if one of those items is more relevant for your requirement, you can choose accordingly, this is how we come up with the scores:

A server is built at the location and then a benchmark test is run on the VM using the benchmark tool provided by ServerBear. The exact same script is used on each server we test.

The specs for each server is as follows:

  • OS: Debian 7 x64
  • CPU: 2 Cores
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 40 GB
  • Network: Full port speed

We have three individual parameters (index scores) for calculating the total Cloud Index score:

  • CPU Performance via Unixbench
  • Disk Performance via IOPS
  • Average Bandwidth/Throughput Performance via CDN tests on various global edge servers.

We take the raw numbers and put them in to our system. For each individual parameter (CPU/Disk/Bandwidth), we assign a score between 1 – 100. The following formula is used for each parameter:

Providers are scored as follows: (Provider Raw Score / Max Raw Score) * 100

This means the provider with the maximum raw score is assigned index score 100 for that parameter

The TOP provider in the CPU Benchmark has a Unixbench score of 4500, their CPU Index is calculated as:
(4500 / 4500) * 100 = CPU Index of 100

A subsequent provider with a Unixbench score of 2500 is calculated as:
(2500 / 4500) * 100 = CPU index of 55.5

We take the scores from the three parameters (CPU/Disk/Bandwidth) and divide by 3 to give an average cloud score. As more provider locations are added and additional benchmarks are run, the TOP benchmark might change which means the index for a location will fluctuate. We will periodically run indexes at each location and update the index score.

In summary the best performer on each parameter will have an individual index of 100, if a single location happens to be the top performer on all three parameters it would then be possible for a location to have the cloud index of 100.

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